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I am extremely busy and donít have much time to exercise - what can I do!? 


Many people that enjoy consistent workouts often find themselves in situations where working out seems near impossible. Some of the common things that get in the way are special projects at work, and holidays and vacations. What can be done?


First, in order to maintain some level of conditioning, do not go longer than 72 hours without working out. This is the amount of time it takes for your body to decide it doesnít really need to be physically fit. So, in order to keep those hard earned gains you need to plan for at least a one workout every three days.   


But you may think, ďI donít have an hour and a half to workout and thatís the problem!Ē During your extremely busy times, you can shorten your workouts to as little as 30 minutes, but you must increase the intensity. You won't lose weight or improve your fitness level at this rate, but at least you won't lose much ground either. The following are some examples of how to get a complete workout in 30 minutes, assuming you are in a good physical condition to begin with.


As far as cardio training is concerned, you can do 20 minutes of interval training, divided into four five minutes segments. You can quickly switch cardio machines, aerobic activities, running, etc. Now in the remaining 10 minutes you can incorporate some effective strength training exercises.


Remember your goal is to maintain your current level of fitness, and one of the best ways is with some good, old fashion body exercises. Push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups and pull-ups involve almost every muscle in the upper body. If you perform these exercises correctly, you can exhaust yourself in a matter of minutes.  If it is too difficult for you to do these exercises, you can do variations. You can do push-ups on your knees, or pull-ups, chin-ups and dips with someone assisting or with the help of an assistance machine if available.


If you are truly ready for intense workout select five resistance machines that (when combined) work all of the major muscle groups. Then use each machine for one minute and with no break in between, go to the next machine. In a ten minute time period you will have used each machine twice and you will likely be totally exhausted. Donít forget to do some flexibility exercises; these can be done any where and at almost anytime.


Consistency and Intensity are the keys to benefiting from these reduced or mini-workouts. Now, don't let your busy times get in the way of maintaining your physical fitness!  



Thank you Troy Saunders for your insightful contributions to this practical fitness tip!













































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