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Why vary Workouts

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Why should I vary my workout routines?


If you regularly find yourself doing the same workout on the same cardio machine, or performing same aerobics class, or running the same two mile route, or using the same 5 weight machines, odds are you need to mix things up or try something new. Why? Because our bodies adjust to exercise programs rather quickly, and depending on the intensity of the exercise, it can happen in as little as three months.


When our bodies adjust to a particular program or routine, we often experience what is known as training plateaus. Training plateaus can lead to mental and physical exercise fatigue and frustration. The frustration will build because these plateaus can block your progress when trying to lose fat, gain muscle, run faster, or just become healthier.


Like your mind, your body acclimates quickly to new challenges and becomes very efficient at performing activities. Muscle, nerves, and their support systems all adapt to physical stress through many complex processes.


What does this mean to me? Well on the upside it means your body gets better at doing the exercises you have been routinely performing. On the downside, you will need to workout longer or harder to continue to improve, which may not be realistic or safe.


How often should I vary my workouts? In most cases, it is recommended that you vary your exercise routine every 8 to 12 weeks. Your workout variation can prevent training plateaus and help you avoid physical and mental fatigue. What are some of the benefits of varying my workouts?


Physically, your body will be challenged and required to adapt to the new routine, benefiting your overall physical health. Mentally, varying workouts can help you avoid workout boredom by continually giving you something new to look forward to.


Fortunately, aside from varying your current workout, there are many different kinds of things you can do both in and out of a fitness center. If you feel you have hit that proverbial exercise wall, it is time for a physical and mental challenge you can achieve through a workout change!



Thank you Troy Saunders for your insightful contributions to this practical fitness tip!












































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