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Taking figure skating lessons can provide a solid foundation as you develop as a figure skater. What are some of the other benefits of taking figure skating lessons? First and foremost, you will learn the correct figure skating techniques. Second, you will have a qualified figure skating instructor to guide you through movements to make sure your form is correct. Third, you will likely learn to figure skate much quicker. Lastly, figure skating lessons will help you avoid forming bad habits that could keep you from reaching your figure skating potential.


Ice skating rinks across the world offer figure skating lessons, and normally offer skaterís various options for the type of lessons they choose. Some ice skating rinks offer private figure skating lessons. Private figure skating lessons afford you the one-on-one instruction that can help you more rapidly perfect your figure skating moves. If you are serious about learning figure skating moves, or are interested in skating competitively, private figure skating lessons are the way to go. One drawback for some skaters is the cost; private figure skating lessons are the most expensive type of figure skating lessons.


Another option is group figure skating lessons. Group figure skating lessons may be the best choice for true beginners. One advantage is that group figure skating lessons are less expensive than private or semi-private figure skating lessons. Also, ice skating rinks that offer group figure skating lessons may also offer discounts on skates, skating time, future lessons, etc. Group figure skating lessons also provide you with an excellent opportunity to give figure skating a try to determine if it is for you. The negative aspect of group figure skating lessons is that you will get very little, if any, individual skating instructions. Also, for group figure skating lessons the times are pretty much set. You will have little to no options for when you attend the figure skating lessons.


The last option for figure skating lessons is to take semi-private lessons. Semi-private figure skating lessons can be taken at the same time you are taking private or group figure skating lessons. Semi-private figure skating lessons offer some advantages. First, you will likely learn the figure skating moves much faster. Second, semi-private figure skating lessons offer a lot more one-on-one instruction time. Instead of 18 individuals taking figure skating lessons, you may only have three to five people in the class. Lastly, semi-private figure skating lessons are less expensive than private figure skating lessons.


If you are interested in learning the various figure skating moves, for recreation, or for competition, we recommend you locate a qualified instructor, and take figure skating lessons. Learning to figure skate on your own will be extremely difficult at best. While it is definitely possible to learn to some figure skating moves without instruction, we recommend skaters take figure skating lessons when possible.


Many ice skating rinks offer figure skating lessons. Check out our Ice Skating Rinks locator to help you find an ice rink that offers figure skating lessons near you.  









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