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Id like to try inline skating, what do I need to do to get started?


First, we recommend you seek assistance from an inline skating instructor, or a capable friend that has mastered the art of inline skating. Could you learn to inline skate on your own? It is certainly possible, but you will likely learn faster and overcome some of the early hurdles if you have someone to help you get started. 


Second, you will need to purchase a pair of inline skates, and all of the skate protective gear that goes along with it. Unless you are already completely sold on inline skating, there is no reason for you to spend $300+ on a pair of skates. You can get an excellent pair of inline skates for less than half that price.


If you are wondering if purchasing all of the safety gear is really necessary the answer is absolutely yes! We recommend that even advance skaters wear safety gear, but it is a must for inline skating beginners. If and when you fall for the first time, you will be glad you purchased (and properly wore) that safety gear!


One last thing before you begin inline skating. Do you have good control of your balance?  Does inline skating seem like something that would be natural and fun? If you answered no to either question, inline skating may be difficult for you to master. Either way, it is always wise to proceed with caution and put your personal safety first - purchase the safety gear and seek out assistance to help you get started. 





























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