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When it comes to roller skating there are three categories of people - those who have fond memories of roller skating, those who are making fond memories, and those who will make fond memories roller skating in the future. Our goal at is to provide you information and equipment to help you build those fond memories!


Looking for a place to roller skate? We have compiled hundreds of roller skating rinks from across the US to help you find a roller skating rink near you. When you begin your search, you will find our roller skating rink directory comprehensive and user friendly. If you are aware of a roller skating rink that is not listed, or have any other type of update, please contact us and we'll be happy to make the change. We have also included our roller skating rink directory below for your convenience.


Getting Started Roller Skating: How do I get started roller skating? It is a good idea to seek assistance from a roller skating instructor, friend or capable family member that has mastered the art of roller skating. If you have the time and money, we highly recommend taking lessons from a certified roller skating instructor. It is certainly possible to learn how to roller skate on your own, but it may take longer to learn, and you may experience a few more bumps and bruises along the way. If you plan on roller skating on a regular basis it is a good idea to buy your own pair of roller skates, and all of the skate protective gear that goes along with it. If and when you fall for the first time, you will be glad you purchased (and properly wore) that safety gear!


Attitude: It is important to start out with a positive, "can do" attitude. Try not to become discouraged if it takes you a few tries before you are comfortable roller skating.


A few practical tips - As you begin roller skating you may find your muscles tensing up; this is normal. After you gain a little confidence, try to relax your body and be careful not to lock your knees. Once you begin making progress moving in the forward direction, focus on how to safely stop and how to make turns in both directions. It is a good idea for beginners visit the roller skating rink during the rink’s slow times. This will make the environment less stressful and allow more space to practice.


Be patient - be patient while you are learning to roller skate and don’t be embarrassed when your movements are not as graceful as you'd like. Remember, every roller skater had to learn to skate at one time or another.


If roller skating outside: If you are roller skating outside, find a smooth, hard surface and avoid roller skating on uneven terrains. It only takes a slight decline for you to quickly lose control. Also, be sure to use all of the available protective gear (knee, elbow, wrist pads, and a helmet). Lastly, avoid roller skating around traffic.


One last thing - do you have good control of your balance? Does roller skating seem like something that would be natural and fun? If you answered no to either question, roller skating may be difficult for you to master. Either way, it is always wise to proceed with caution and put your personal safety first - purchase the safety gear and seek out assistance to help you get started.


Some Frequently Asked Roller Skating Questions:


Where can I roller skate? We have compiled a list hundreds of roller skating rinks across America to help you find a place to roller skate. Click on “Roller Skating Rinks” and look for a roller skating rink in your area. If you know of a rink that is not on the list, please complete the form (at the bottom of all of our roller skating rink locator pages) and we will gladly add it.


Do I need to buy my own roller skates? No, nearly all roller skating rinks rent roller skates to customers. However, if you plan on roller skating on a regular basis, it is a good idea to buy your own roller skates. You can view and purchase a pair of high quality roller skates at excellent prices from this site.


Do I need to purchase anything other than roller skates? If you are a beginner, plan on speed skating or skating outside of the rink, we recommend you invest in knee, elbow, wrist pads, and a helmet (skate protective gear).


What are the risks of roller skating? Falling down is the single biggest risk for roller skaters. For this reason (particularly for beginners) you should always wear your roller skating protective gear. If you roller skate outside the rink, being struck by an automobile, or other moving vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, etc) is also a serious risk for roller skaters. When possible it is good for roller skaters (beginners and advanced) to spend most of their time roller skating in places void of automobile traffic. Unfortunately, we know that this is not always feasible or practical. When you cannot avoid roller skating near traffic, stay alert and always exercise extreme caution.


Can I reserve a rink for a private roller skating party? Absolutely! Many of the roller skating rinks on our lists offer a variety of party packages. Give the rink nearest you a call and make a reservation.  


(All Roller Skating Rinks are Listed Alphabetically by State)


Alabama Roller Skating Rinks

Alaska Roller Skating Rinks

Arizona Roller Skating Rinks

Arkansas Roller Skating Rinks

California Roller Skating Rinks

Colorado Roller Skating Rinks

Connecticut Roller Skating Rinks

Delaware Roller Skating Rinks

Florida Roller Skating Rinks

Georgia Roller Skating Rinks

Hawaii Roller Skating Rinks

Idaho Roller Skating Rinks

Illinois Roller Skating Rinks

Indiana Roller Skating Rinks

Iowa Roller Skating Rinks

Kansas Roller Skating Rinks

Kentucky Roller Skating Rinks

Louisiana Roller Skating Rinks

Maine Roller Skating Rinks

Maryland Roller Skating Rinks

Massachusetts Roller Skating Rinks

Michigan Roller Skating Rinks

Minnesota Roller Skating Rinks

Mississippi Roller Skating Rinks

Missouri Roller Skating Rinks

Montana Roller Skating Rinks

Nebraska Roller Skating Rinks

Nevada Roller Skating Rinks

New Hampshire Roller Skating Rinks

New Jersey Roller Skating Rinks

New Mexico Roller Skating Rinks

New York Roller Skating Rinks

North Carolina Roller Skating Rinks

North Dakota Roller Skating Rinks

Ohio Roller Skating Rinks

Oklahoma Roller Skating Rinks

Oregon Roller Skating Rinks

Pennsylvania Roller Skating Rinks

Rhode Island Roller Skating Rinks

South Carolina Roller Skating Rinks

South Dakota Roller Skating Rinks

Tennessee Roller Skating Rinks

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Utah Roller Skating Rinks

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