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Skateboard Decks:  The skate “board” itself is known as the skateboard deck. The deck is considered the foundation of the skateboard, and is arguably the most important piece of the skateboard complete. What type of deck is right for you? There is a lot of information on the web advising skaters which deck to choose, but it all boils down to personal preference. What do you plan on doing with your skateboard? How much experience do you have skateboarding? How much money are you willing to spend? The answer to all of these questions will help determine what type of deck you should purchase. If you are a new skater, we recommend you experiment with various skateboards, but don’t be terribly worried that you will choose the wrong one - you won’t.


Skateboard Wheels: When we say skateboard decks are arguably the most important piece of skateboarding equipment, a strong argument can also be made for skateboard wheels. There are different types of wheels and the type you chose will determine the smoothness of your ride. Skateboard wheels also come in different sizes and textures.


The size: The size of the skateboard wheel has a direct correlation on the skateboard’s speed. A larger skateboard wheel will increase the skateboard's speed, but the tradeoff is that a larger wheel is heavier, adding weight to your skateboard. In contrast, a smaller wheel is not as fast, but the lighter weight helps when jumping, flipping, etc.


The texture: Harder skateboard wheels will normally last longer, but they do not provide as smooth a ride as the softer wheels. In contrast, softer skateboard wheels may not last as long, but provide for a smoother ride. We recommend you try a variety of wheels to determine your preference.


Skateboard Trucks: Skateboard trucks are the piece of equipment that mounts to the deck and holds the wheels in place.


Selecting the right truck for your deck. Decks and trucks come in different sizes. The simplest way to choose your truck is to match the truck size with the size of the deck – if you have an eight inch deck, purchase an eight inch truck. A skateboard truck is made up of five parts:


1. Axle – holds the wheels in place

2. Baseplate – mounted to the deck (attached to the hanger)

3. Hanger – houses the axle and attaches the kingpin and bushings

4. Bushings – offered in a variety of durometer (hardness) ratings and determines how easily the board turns

5. Kingpin – supports the bushings and truck hanger.


Skateboard Bearings: Skateboard bearings are what allows the wheels to spin on the axle. Skateboard bearings are snuggled in races between two shields. Some bearings are accessible and some are not; it depends on whether the shield is or is not sealed.


Skateboard bearing maintenance: If you can access the bearings you can take the following steps to increase the life of your bearings.


1. Remove the bearings and soak them in a cleaning solvent until the grease and dirt breaks loose (you may have to use a small brush to thoroughly remove all of the grime)

2. Rinse bearings in hot water until they are void of the solvent.

3. Dry the bearings.

4. Lube the bearings (do not over lube) and leave them out for an hour or so then wipe them off with a soft cloth.

5. Put the bearings back into the retainers and reassemble.


NOTE: Skateboard bearings come in a standard size and should support any skateboard wheel.


Skateboard Helmets: We know that many skaters do not wear a helmet - we’d like to see this trend reversed. Skateboard helmets provide the skater a significant amount of protection during a fall. A skateboard helmet can prevent injuries and could possibly save your life. Don’t let fashion or anything else keep you from protecting your head!









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