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Ice skating is an exhilarating, relatively inexpensive activity that provides an excellent source of exercise and entertainment for the entire family. If you are already an avid ice skater, we will provide you with some useful tips, and connect you to a great selection of quality ice skates, and other ice skating equipment. We will also provide some ice skating tips for beginners, guidance for taking ice skating lessons, and a few things to consider regarding your ice skating dress options. Plus, we look at the health benefits of ice skating, the history of ice skating, figure skating, speed skating, and some tips for how to build an outdoor ice skating rink. Finally, we offer a nationwide list of ice skating rinks to help you find the rink nearest you.


Ice Skates: Ice skates come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate all types of ice skaters. We take a close look at three of the most common types of ice skates; figure ice skates, hockey ice skates and speed ice skates. We provide some lacing, purchasing and ice skate maintenance tips. We also offer our visitors a great selection of quality ice skates for purchase at excellent prices. For more ice skate information, please see Ice Skates.


How to Ice Skate: Learning how to ice skate can be a rewarding experience, and can provide a lifetime of exercise and recreation. Our goal is to provide you with some information that will help you along as you learn how to ice skate. Plus, we offer some practical tips that will help you as you prepare to learn to ice skate. For more information on learning how to ice skate, please see How to Ice Skate.


Ice Skating Tips: If you are learning to ice skate, we offer several ice skating tips to help you along. We will start with what we consider to be two of the most important ice skating tips; learning how to fall, and how to stop. For more ice skating tips, please see Ice Skating Tips.


Ice Skating Lessons: We know a great deal of people that have learned to ice skate on their own. While it is definitely possible to learn to ice skate without instruction, we recommend new skaters to take ice skating lessons if possible. There are many advantages to taking ice skating lessons, and many ice skating rinks offer lessons. For more information about ice skating lessons, please see Ice Skating Lessons.


Health Benefits of Ice Skating: Does ice skating offer any health benefits? Absolutely! You can achieve a superior cardiovascular workout, lose weight, increase your endurance, and tone your muscles. In addition to these physical benefits, ice skating can also enhance your mental fitness. Ice skating increases a person’s self-confidence and exercises their overall mental control. For more information on the health benefits of ice skating, please see Fitness Skating


Ice Skating Dress: When it comes to ice skating dress, we recommend you chose your clothing with comfort in mind versus style. It is important that your ice skating dress be conducive for skating. Your clothes should allow your body to move freely, unobstructed, and provide the skater some level of protection in the event of a fall. For more information about ice skating dress, please see Ice Skating Dress.


History of Ice Skating: The early history of ice skating is debatable, but some believe it had its beginnings in Scandinavia sometime between 3000 and 1000 B.C.. It is believed that early ice skaters in the Northern European countries used ice skating as transportation rather than for recreation, exercise or as a sport. Archaeological evidence supports this theory with findings of ice skates in Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands and other northern European countries. For more information on the history of ice skating, please see History of Ice Skating.  


Figure Skating: Interested in learning more about the exciting and exhilarating sport of figure skating? We offer several useful tips and advice regarding figure ice skating lessons for beginners. We also provide excellent tips for performing figure skating moves, jumps and figure skating spins. Interested in learning the history of figure skating? If so, please see our History of Figure Skating page for an excellent look at the history of figure skating. For more information about figure skating, please see Figure Skating.


Speed skating: If you’d like to get involved in speed skating, but are new to ice skating, we recommend you start with the basics. It would be to your advantage to learn the ice skating basics and use regular figure or hockey ice skates, before trying speed skating. The speed skate has a longer blade which makes it more difficult to learn on, and is considered to be more dangerous. For more information about speed skating, please see Speed Skating.


How to Build a Backyard Ice Rink: Learning how to build a backyard ice skating rink can be an excellent project for the entire family. The time and effort planning, and actually building an ice rink can create fond memories that can last a lifetime. Learning how to build an ice rink in your backyard, when compared to other forms of entertainment, is relatively inexpensive considering the potential number of hours it could be used. Please see our Backyard Ice Rinks page to learn more about how to build a backyard ice skating rink.


Places to Ice Skate: We have compiled a list hundreds of ice skating rinks across the United States to help you find a place to ice skate. Click on our Ice Skating Rinks locator or a state below to find the closest ice skating rink in your area. If you know of an ice skating rink that is not on the list, please complete the form (at the bottom of all of our ice skating rink pages) and we will gladly add it. You can also normally reserve a rink for a private ice skating party. Many of the ice skating rinks on our list offer a variety of party packages. Give the ice skating rink nearest you a call for reservation or ice skating party package information.


(All Ice Skating Rinks are Listed Alphabetically by State)


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