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Skating Tips and Articles

Fitness Skating: The term “Fitness Skating” is defined as skating for the specific purpose of improving ones physical and mental fitness. Aerobic Benefits: You can achieve a superior cardiovascular workout while fitness skating. Weight Loss: Fitness skating provides for an unbelievable weight loss opportunity. Endurance: Fitness skating provides a superior method for building an individual’s endurance. Muscle Toning: Fitness skating provides an excellent method for muscle toning. Mental Benefits: Fitness skating can do wonders when it comes to increasing mental fitness by giving your mind a break from life’s daily stressors. Visit our Fitness section for more information. Looking for a cheap treadmill?  See Cheap Treadmills (new)


Roller Skating: We offer advice and few practical roller skating tips to help you get started roller skating. We look at the best times to go to the roller skating rink, discuss safety issues, and talk about some of the intangible things that will help you like ‘patience’ and a ‘positive attitude’. You’ll also learn about the risks of roller skating (while skating both indoors and outdoors) and how to mitigate those risks. We encourage all skaters to wear skate protective gear as appropriate; specifically knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, and a skate helmet. Find the closest roller skate rink in your area - Roller Skating Rinks and visit Roller Skating for more information.


Inline Skating: Inline skating offers the same outstanding aerobic benefits of running or jogging, without the pounding that goes along with running and jogging. We’ll answer the following inline skating frequently asked questions: What equipment do I need to inline skate? Are there any health benefits gained from inline skating? What are the major muscles worked when inline skating? What are the risks of inline skating? What is inline speed skating? What is aggressive inline skating? What is the difference between inline skating and rollerblading? Visit Inline Skating for the answers to these questions and for more inline skating information.


Ice Skating: We provide you with ice skating information and ice skating tips, and connect you with an excellent selection of quality ice skates, and ice skating equipment. Ice Skates: We discuss the three of the most common types of ice skates; figure ice skates, hockey ice skates and speed ice skates. How to Ice Skate: We offer lots of useful information that will help you learn how to ice skate. Ice Skating Tips: We will start with what we consider to be two of the most important ice skating tips; learning how to fall, and how to stop. Health Benefits of Ice Skating: Ice skating can help you lose weight, increase endurance, tone muscles, enhance mental fitness, and can provide you with a superior cardiovascular workout. We'll help you find ice skating rink or ice arenas in your area; visit Ice Skating Rinks. Visit Ice Skating for more ice and Figure Skating information and equipment.


Hockey Equipment: We offer excellent hockey equipment information about: hockey sticks, hockey goalie equipment, hockey skates, hockey helmets, hockey gloves, inline hockey equipment; basically any piece of hockey equipment you'd need to get into an ice or inline hockey rink! Some examples: Hockey Skates: We will discuss what you should look for when purchasing a pair of hockey skates, and point out some of the most common purchasing mistakes. Hockey skate maintenance: Hockey skate maintenance requires some attention in order to extend the life of your hockey skates. Hockey Sticks: You will learn what hockey stick is best for you, the advantages of putting tape on a hockey stick blade, and how to determine the proper length of a hockey stick. Visit our Hockey Equipment page for much more hockey equipment information and tips.


Skateboarding: We provide the latest in skateboarding information and equipment. Skateboard Decks: The skate “board” is known as the skateboard deck. The skateboard deck is the foundation of the skateboard, and arguably the most important piece of the skateboard complete. Skateboard Wheels: Just as skateboard decks are arguably the most important piece of skateboarding equipment, a strong argument can also be made for skateboard wheels. The size: The skateboard wheel size has a direct correlation on the skateboard’s speed. For more skateboarding information and an excellent selection of skateboarding equipment, please visit Skateboarding.



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