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Figure Skating has been practiced in one form or another for hundreds of years, and is enjoyed by people of all ages across the world. Whether you are an avid figure skater or a beginner, we will provide you with some useful tips, and connect you to a great selection of quality figure skates, and other figure skating equipment. We will also provide some guidance for figure skating lessons, figure skating moves, jumps, and spins. Plus, we’ll look at the history of figure skating, and offer some tips for how to build an outdoor ice skating rink. We also provide a nationwide list of ice skating rinks to help you find the rink nearest you.


Figure Skates: Figure skates are specifically designed so figure skaters can perform figure skating jumps, spins and other figure skating moves. The figure skate boot is normally made from leather to accommodate the skater’s need for flexibility around the ankle. Figure skates have a sharp blade that extends beyond the back of the ice skate boot, and has a toe-pick on the front for performing jumps and other figure skating moves. To learn more about figure ice skates, please see our Ice Skates page. For a great selection of figure skates, please see Figure Skates.


Figure Skating Lessons: If you are interested in learning figure skating moves for recreation, or for competition, we recommend you locate a qualified instructor, and take figure skating lessons. Why take figure skating lessons? First and foremost, you will learn the correct figure skating techniques. Second, you will have a qualified figure skating instructor to guide you through movements to ensure you are using the proper form. Third, you will likely learn to figure skate much quicker. Lastly, figure skating lessons will help you avoid forming bad habits that will keep you from reaching your figure skating potential. For more figure skating lesson information, please see Figure Skating Lessons.


Figure Skating Moves: To perform good figure skating moves, it is helpful to have agility, flexibility, balance, and the ability of ice skating on an edge. But, if you do not feel you have a good grasp on all of these skating attributes, don’t be discouraged. You can still learn and successfully perform some of the basic figure skating moves, you may just have to work a little harder. For more information, please see Figure Skating Moves.


Figure Skating Spins: Figure skating spins are identified by figure skaters spinning or twirling on a single spot (normally). The ability to perform figure skating spins requires excellent balance, and the ability to withstand the dizziness that inevitability comes with spinning. There are many different types of figure skating spins, and multiple variations for each spin. Figure skating spins can be performed as sitting spins, upright spins, flying spins, traveling spins, on one or two feet, and forwards or backwards. For more information on figure skating spins, please see Figure Skating Spins.


Figure Skating Jumps: Figure skating jumps are identified by the take-offs and the number of rotations in the air. The two common types of figure skating jumps are edge jumps and toe jumps. Edge jumps are figure skating jumps that originate from the edge of the ice skate’s blade. Toe jumps are figure skating jumps that utilize the toe pick of the ice skate to catapult the figure skater into the air. Please see Figure Skating Jumps for more information.


History of Figure Skating: Once people discovered the exhilarating art of figure skating, the world forever changed the way it viewed ice skating. The British enjoyed this new found pleasure and took great pride in perfecting their moves. By the middle of the 17th century, a group of Scotts formed the first known skating club. European colonists or the English military personnel likely introduced ice skating to America and Canada in the mid 1700s. By 1849, the “Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society” was formed as America’s first known figure skating club. For more on the history of figure skating, please see History of Figure Skating.


How to Build a Backyard Ice Rink: Learning how to build a backyard ice rink can be an excellent project for the entire family. It also provides a great place to practice your figure skating moves. For more information on how to build a backyard ice skating rink, please see Backyard Ice Rinks.


Health Benefits of Figure Skating: Figure skating offers outstanding health benefits for both the mind and body. Body: Figure skating provides the skater with an outstanding cardiovascular workout. In addition, figure skating helps build strong muscles, increases flexibility, endurance, balance, stamina and coordination. Mind: Figure skating can be a wonderful escape from a lot of the daily stresses many people experience. Figure skating also builds confidence and can improve an individual’s level of concentration. For more information about the health benefits of figure skating, please see Fitness Skating.


Places to Figure Skate: Figure skating instructors can be found all across the United States. To find a figure skating instructor, click on our Ice Skating Rinks locator, then call the ice skating rink nearest you for additional information. If you know of an ice skating rink that is not on the list, please complete the form (at the bottom of all of our ice skating rink pages) and we will gladly add it. 









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