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Women Weight Lifting

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Women Weight Lifting - Breaking Down the Myths:


I have had the opportunity to train several women in weightlifting. Two of the most common misconceptions they have about weight training is either, it is not necessary for them to reach their fitness goals, or that they may “bulk” up like a man if they use weights.  Although there are women who are naturally more muscular, without testosterone there is very little chance any woman could train themselves to look like a man.  


More importantly, the benefits of resistance training for women are, in reality, more important for long term health than it is for men. The American Medical Association (AMA) advises people to combine both cardiovascular exercises and weight-training exercises to receive the maximum benefits of their workout routine.


Women who avoid weight training will encounter long term health problems if they don't incorporate resistance training into their exercise routine. Experts have discovered that weight-training not only tones your muscles, but it also raises your basal metabolism, which causes you to burn more calories. In addition to burning extra calories, even when not working out, weight-training also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and the development of adult-onset diabetes. Those who weight-train properly develop better coordination and balance, which can help avoid injuries resulting from weak muscles.


For those who are already lean but aren’t able to see the definition they desire, weight training is the only solution for this dilemma. This brings me to another term that is often misleading…“toning.” 


Often women want to just TONE their muscles by doing routines that consist of very high reps of 20 or more per exercise. Doing high rep exercises will improve muscular coordination, endurance, and benefit weight loss, but they will not stress your muscles in a manner that will lead to significant muscle sculpting. 


Distance runners are a prime example of very fit athletes who often have very low muscle mass.  It is not uncommon for experienced runners to have knee, hip, and back injuries related to muscular imbalance and weakness. I recommend trying to keep the rep range at 8 – 12 repetitions for no more than 3 sets per exercise.  Each set should be challenging enough to be difficult to complete but not impossible.  By performing resistance exercise in this manner you will create sufficient stress on your muscles fibers to promote better performance and appearance. 


If you have been struggling to reach your fitness goals, incorporating resistance training into exercise program may just be the boost you need. Not only will you look and fill better, you will also be building the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. 



Written by Troy Saunders













































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